KaneGang is an American Hip-Hop group originating from Philadelphia, Pa. Formed by Hollywood Kane, Chucka Kane, 3azy Kane and leo kane

KaneGang is an American Hip-Hop group originating in Philadelphia, Pa. formed by Hollywood Kane (Randall Ball), Chucka Kane (De’shan Adams), and 3azy Kane(Kyohn Page). The group was founded by Bloomsburg student Hollywood Kane who after two years as strictly a solo artist decided to recruit his fellow Bloomsburg friends Chucka Kane and 3azy Kane to form what is now KaneGang. The actual name KaneGang was pitched to Hollywood Kane by his friend who thought it sounded cool as it was the height of the Wiz Khalifa, Hollywood Kane's favorite rapper, Taylor Gang era. Kane in the Japanese language means money and gang has to do with a collection of individuals coming together for a shared purpose. The initial reasoning of creating music was to get recognition, gain fame, and collect riches. Instead of being called MoneyGang the movement of supporters and members became KaneGang. Hollywood Kane's "Bombay" which came out in 2013 brought attention to the gang and became a very popular video for the group. They would still not be referred to as KaneGang at this point, but people who liked the video and song would refer to them as "The Bombay Boys". Hollywood Kane's "KTN" track would be the last solo record before the group’s debut single Long Strides featuring Hollywood, Chucka and 3azy. This record and video gained attention quickly at Bloomsburg University as their video was shot during their schools annual Blockparty. Soon after they began selling T-shirt’s with their brand’s logo which garnered attention and praise from not only Bloomsburg students but also the university's staff. Their next two singles "Lit" and "Live It Up" received rave reviews with with over 12,000 views which quickly solidified KaneGang as a force to be reckoned with. KaneGang has lead multiple sold out shows with over 100+ attendees since the beginning of 2017. Their first group project " KaneGang Season: Volume One" was released in April of 2017 and has been received very well by their supporters. KaneGang has everything needed to bring true rap music groups back to the game and the best is yet to come.




     Hollywood Kane is an underground rapper hailing from Philadelphia, PA. His unique upbringing has paved the way for is distinct sound and early success in his young career. Hollywood grew up listening to a lot of R&B music. Artists like Boyz II Men, The Weeknd, and many Motown artists have inspired him in one way or another. As far as rap artist Dipset, Lil Wayne, Wiz, Drake, and  underground artists has given Kane motivation in the music he creates today.  

     In 2010 Kane started rapping as a joke with some of his high school friends. His stage name then was Biggavel. Which was inspired by Max B one of Kane’s favorite artist. Kane graduated high school and started his college career at Bloomsburg University. Different experiences at Bloom gave him enough creative juices to write better music. Playing songs for his some of his roommates which included Chucka Kane. Hollywood received positive feedback made Kane want to take rap serious.

     In the winter of 2012 the rapper headed home for winter break. While on break the name and symbol for kanegang was created along with a friend from High School. Starting off as a joke no one knew how successful the movement would become. Taking pictures, and shooting videos, and partying was the plan. As time went by the gang grew and the music improved.

     Fast forwarding to 2017 Kane has taking the Philly music scene by surprise. Hit after hit has been made. Show after show has been booked and sold out. And the music has and will only get better. The young rapper has bright future ahead of him. Be on the lookout for more music and different ventures from the artist.


     Chucka Kane is an underground rapper rising from North Philadelphia. Chucka was born into the music industry with his father and uncle being around the music scene involved with a record label called Apex and also being around the Ruff Ryders movement. Chucka didn't take rapping serious but would always play around with his neighborhood friends making quick raps and reciting whatever rap songs were hot at the time to one another. In high school Chucka hung around people who rapped seriously and would try and get him to participate which he did every now and then, but rapping was never a priority for him until his college roommate Hollywood Kane started rapping and asking him to get on tracks.

     Chucka made video cameos in Hollywood Kanes video but it wasn't until a song called Long Strides Ft Hollywood Kane and 3azy Kane that he would make a video debut rapping. The song was a huge success and together we formed KaneGang with multiple artist (Chucka Kane, 3azy Kane, and Leo Kane) compared to the past where Hollywood Kane was the artist and we were the entourage.

     Chucka can be described as a metaphoric rapper because that's what drew him into liking his favorite music artist Lil Wayne. The witty punchlines is something that Chucka strides to make and watching battle rap videos help Chucka measure where his punchlines rank and also how to improve on his delivery. 



    Kyohn W. Page ( Born November 13th, 1993), better known by his stage name 3azy Kane is an Underground rapper from West Philadelphia. 3azy Kane was surrounded by rap since an early age as his father, Big John, was an underground rapper and writer while also having the luxury of his first cousins being  Eddie Cheeba and Minnesota from Money Boss Players.
    3azy Kane started out battle rapping in school playgrounds under the monicker Capital E (a pun to his cousin Eddie Cheeba). In 2008 after spending a year in Alabama 3azy Kane moved back to Philadelphia. The initial adjustment for him was hard as he had continued wearing baggy clothes, dark shades and love for gangs, fights and the street life. Because of this  His friends would later give him the nickname 3azy (pronounced Eazy) after rapper Eazy E. 
      Fastforward  to 2012 during  3azy (pronounced now Threezy)  Freshman year he began play free styling and rapping again but didn’t take it serious until meeting KaneGang founder Hollywood Kane. 3azy Kane bought into the idea of how big KaneGang could be even having his father design the now famous logo for the group and apparel line. 
       After brief cameos in Hollywood Kane's last two solo singles Bombay and KTN, 3azy Kane dropped his first song as a member of  KaneGang' Long strides ft Holywppd Kane and B Chuck( Chucka Kane). Soon 3azy added Kane to the end of his name and the rest was history. 3azy Kane is known for his fast rhymes  and lyrics blending them in and out with autotune. He was inspired by rappers 50 cent, and Tupac and credits his flow pattern from artists  Tyga and Ace Hood.


Leo Kane

Leo Kane born January 30th 1994 is an underground rapper from Lansdowne, Pennsylvania. As a youth growing up in the Philadelphia area Leo excelled in the classroom and was heavily involved in sports such as track, basketball, and football. Leo attended High School at West Philadelphia Catholic where he participated in Football and track. His academic and athletic abilities eventually resulted in a scholarship to Bloomsburg University.  Leo’s Father is a published poet and brother is a talented musician,and although Leo always had an affinity for words He did not become involved in music until connecting with 3azy Kane and Young Bane on the Bloomsburg University Track team. They in turn would introduce him to rapping as well as Hollywood and Chucka Kane.  Hollywood, Chucka, 3azy and Leo would become the permanent members of KaneGang. Leo would make his rapping debut on the Kanegang Season: Volume 1 "Intro" track. Leo is influenced heavily by his grandparents, his involvement in the church as a youth, as well as his exposure to the Philadelphia Battle Rap culture. He draws inspiration from artists such as Meek Mill, Andre 3000, Jadakiss, Pusha T, Lauryn Hill and Kanye West.